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Tuesday Night Rides

Outpost Sports is proud to invite you to our Legendary Tuesday Nite Rides. These are the most popular Group Rides in the Midwest. We spend time organizing maps for each weeks ride and they are usually different every week. The rides are FREE and take place every Tuesday Nite throughout the spring/summer/and early fall. Most of these rides leave from Mary Frank/Northpoint schools in Granger, located just North of McDonalds at Adamas Road and St. Road 23. Each week you will have the options of joining an "A". "AA", "AA-Love, "AAA", or Madone Rides. These categories are broken down into ride distances and varying speeds. Our goal is to provide you with a like mided group of skills and enjoy the fun of "group riding". Generally each group has a leader who knows the routes. Free maps are provided for every group.

One of the unique aspects of our Legendary Rides is our various OFF Site Rides. This 2015, we will explore the roads at the following Towns/Restaurants-June 16-Mosers in New Carlisle, June 16-Post Ride at Evil Czech New Outdoor Beer Garden-Mishawaka, July 14-Tapistry Brewery-Bridgman, August 4-Dowagiac Ride-Woodfire Grill, August 25-Baroda Ride-Round Barn Brewery, September 22-New Carlisle-Mosers.

The fun part of all our Tuesday Night Rides is the after Carbo Re-Loading social aspect. When we ride out of Granger, we meet afterwards at Yesterdays on their terrific Patio. It's a great way to relax, meet people, and end a fun night.

The key to your fun and participation for these rides is receiving our Monday -Noon-E-Mail. We send every weeks agenda at Noon-Every Monday. If you want to know whats Happeneing-make sure you sign up for these e-mails.

New for the 2015- We will be offering free bike demos at the school rides. We have an assortment of Carbo Road bikes from the top 2 manufactures-Trek and Specilized. If you are interested, get there early and bring your bike so we can change your pedals.

Outpost has created a new, novel, and creative plan for you to ride your bike a lot by BYA- Bike Your Age. For every hour you ride, you get a point towards your age. So, the goal is to ride a lot, and keep track of your times on the road. You can register for this at Outpost, or at any of the Tuesday Nite Rides.

Mountain Bike Trails


The Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Association (NIMBA) is a cornerstone of Michiana mountain biking. They organization has created a number of outstanding trails for all skill levels in the area. Many people are surprised to hear the mountain biking in this area, but trust us, the trails are great! We also encourage you to support NIMBA by becoming a member and volunteering your time with them as they create and maintain local trails. Additionally, participating in NIMBA events is an excellent way to meeting other cyclists in the area.

Rum Village

Rum Village is 40 acres of fun. The trail consists of three interconnected segments, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner section is approximately 1 mile long, the intermediate adds another2 miles and the advanced is another 3 miles. Each section has an exist that will take you back to the Kiosk. Hills become steeper and longer as you move up the skill level. The more challenging features have bypasses.

TK Lawless

A fast flowing trail. TK has twisty single track, lots of short climbs, long straightaways, a couple of corkscrews, whoopties and fast downhills. An intermediate trail due to length and hill climbs as opposed to technical features.

Potato Creek

Potato Creek Fast flowing single track. Great trail for beginners. Intermediate and advanced riders can work on their speed at Potato Creek. Potato Creek is in north-central Indiana about 12 miles southwest of South Bend. The park features a wide array of activities and facilities for year-round enjoyment. Making reservations is advisable to enjoy some of the facilities at this very popular park. A variety of natural habitats await, including the 327-acre Worster Lake, old fields, mature woodlands, restored prairies and diverse wetlands. Each offers unique opportunities for plant and wildlife observation.

Bendix Woods

A fun ride through a big tree forest. The trail starts with a bang with the intermediate section of approximately 2 miles. It then settles into a twisting ride through the woods with a 2.5 mile beginner section. The trail will keep you on your toes. It also crosses the park road in several places, so keep your eyes open as you cross the road.


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