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Kayaks & Paddleboards

Outpost paddle sports staff spend much of their off hours on the water. We know the sport because we do the sport. Come into our stores and learn about the different styles of paddleboards and kayaks available and find out just how much fun real kayaking and paddleboarding can be. The brands we carry are the industry’s most reliable; the styles we carry are what we know work best on the waters and paddle play areas in Michiana.


FeelFree recreational paddle kayaks are constructed in a rotational molding
process with strong, lightweight plastic materials that make them durable yet fast on the water.

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Hurricane Aquasport kayaks are a favorite of our staff paddlers, constructed of the strong and light-weight material Trylon that is ideal for flatwater paddling. These kayaks paddle faster and smoother than any plastic boat with seats comfortable for an all-day paddle.

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Paddle Boards

Born on the deep, cool lakes of northern Wisconsin, Loon Paddle Company crafts flat-water stand up paddle boards specially engineered for accelerated tracking, agility and balance, with an aesthetic inspired by lake life.

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Dominate the waters with TAHE! These versatile paddle boards  are
designed for surfing, touring, windsurfing, flat water, and all water use.

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While every paddleboard offers relaxed adventure, you’ll want to find the style that suits your use best. Our products of Loon, Aquabound and Cannon are the brands we feel are this newer industry’s most versatile and quality-focused.

  • Inflatable – perfect where storage space is an issue. These boards inflate in less than 10 minutes yet are strong enough to take down mild white water rapids. Generally available in 8’ 4” to 10’ 6” lengths.
  • Traditional – these boards are categorized by length, available in 9’ to 12’ lengths. The most popular size for women is 10’ 6” and either 11’ or 11’ 6” for men, depending on weight. Traditional boards are constructed in hard foam, hard plastic or epoxy.
  • Fitness – fitness boards are designed to be large enough for yoga exercises and are characterized by a non-slip foam top. Sizes vary between 10’ and 11’ boards.
  • Touring/Race – these are long and sleek boards that generally require some paddling experience. Lightweight, narrow and fast, these boards range from 11’ to 14’ in lengths and are typically made from epoxy, though the fastest touring boards are formed from carbon.


A paddling outing is ideal with friends and even young families. Enjoy a few hours, a day, weekend or week on the water in one of Outpost’s new fleet of rental, sit-in or sit-on-top kayaks available at our beach stores—all convenient to Lake Michigan beaches and nearby inland waters.

Just ask! In most cases, we can deliver to your door. We’ll also be happy to provide instruction and best places to go.

  • Outpost rental paddleboards have been custom-made for us— sturdy, simple-to-learn and come with carry handles for easy toting.
  • Outpost rental sit-on-top kayaks are an ideal multi-purpose boat for exploring area rivers and lakes or a shoreline cruise on Lake Michigan.
  • Outpost rental sit-in kayaks give the true feel of kayaking for longer excursions or rougher waters.

For rates, reservations, delivery availability and store contact information, click on the beach store nearest you:

Paddle Board Lessons

It’s been our goal to make people feel comfortable on the paddleboard since the craze began. Our experts will get you standing up, moving forward and enjoying this gentle adventure. Our teaching staff is also available for private party lessons.

Call the store most convenient to you for lesson options.

New Buffalo, MI 269-469-4210
South Haven, MI 269-637-5555

Where to Paddle

From Lake Michigan to the hundreds of inland lakes and rivers in Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana, paddleboard and kayak options are endless. When in doubt, first ask any Outpost staff member – they love being on water as much as you do and are familiar with everything from the most challenging to the most relaxing put-in locations and places to paddle.

Southwest Michigan Paddling

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Northwest Indiana Paddling Association

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Galien River

Paddle these quiet waters on kayak. Outpost provides a shuttle service to the river and a no-hassle pickup at the beach when your are finished. Or, go on your own and enjoy free, private parking.

Paddling Gear, Beach Wear & Toys

Paddle Sports

Stop in for extra paddles, kayak helmets, lifejackets, tech shoes and anything you may need for your kayak or paddleboard.

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Our beach stores are a first-stop destination for many before they hit the sun. It’s all here, beach chairs and umbrellas, towels, mats, kites, sand and water toys and inflatables for all ages.

Got game?

Outpost does. Here you’ll find volleyballs and nets for the beach and craze games like SpikeBall.

Look great. Stay cool.

Our boutique-style beachwear and active brands wow kids and adults alike. Deck yourself out from hats and sunglasses to flip-flops and sandals. There’s always a fresh selection of what’s-in swim suits, dresses, shorts, shirts, UV-protective clothing and even out-on-the-town wear for men and women of all ages.